For applying data science to tackle certain real-world tasks, data often needs to be mined from the internet. The course Using Python to Access Web Data by University of Michigan on Coursera taught by Prof. Charles Severance is a very helpful resource for web-scraping. This blog is an attempt to give a brief overview of the tools taught in this course in a way that can be grasped by a beginner in data science.

The data on internet comes in many formats, most commonly JSON, XML and plain old HTML. Python library urllib lets one access data directly from the URL of a website. If the data thus obtained is a HTML file, then the relevant information can be extracted using regular expressions, or the libraries designed for parsing - BeautifulSoup4, pickle, etc. The Python libraries json and xml.etree.ElementTree are used for JSON and XML respectively.

JSON and XML are the two most common data-interchange formats used to encode data transporting over the internet.

JSON(JavaScript Object Notation)

There are two types of data structures common to almost all modern programming languages - the collection of key/value pairs, for e.g. dictionaries in Python, and the ordered list of values, for e.g. lists in Python. The simple idea behind the conception of JSON by Douglas Crockford was that the data format used to exchange data between programming languages be based on these universal data structures. They are called object and array respectively in JSON inheriting the terminology and syntax from JavaScript.

XML(Extensible Markup Language)

XML is a markup language, like HTML, designed to store and exchange data in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. Like HTML, it has tags and a tree-like structure.

The following Python libraries are very useful for web scraping:


BeautifulSoup4 is one of the widely used Python library for web-scraping i.e. searching through websites on the internet to extract only the relevant data. It is used to parse data from the HTML or XML files. It takes a file and makes a soup out of its content so that the target information can be extracted easily and efficiently from an enormous amount of irrelevant data.


Json library in Python is specially designed to work with JSON files.


Xml.etree.ElementTree library in Python is specially designed to work with XML files.

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