A Hands-on Workshop series in Machine Learning

Timing: 3-5 pm PST on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Oct 20th, 2022 to Nov 10th, 2022 (7 sessions in total)
Where: Shanahan 3485 (Grace Hopper Conference room) or remotely via Zoom (link will be shared when you register)

The workshop series is designed with a focus on the practical aspects of machine learning using real-world datasets and the tools in the Python ecosystem and is targeted towards complete beginners familiar with Python.

You will learn the minimal but most useful tools for exploring datasets using pandas and then be gently introduced to neural networks. You will also learn various architectures such as Convolution Neural Networks (CNN), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), transformer-based models, etc., and apply them to real-world textual and image datasets. 

Please register using this Google form to save your seat. It is highly recommended to attend the workshop in person as you will be coding in groups and participating in discussions, but there is an option to join remotely via Zoom. The Zoom link and the recordings for each session will be shared with the registered participants. Please have a look at the topics to be covered below. You are free to attend some of the sessions while skipping others if you are already familiar with certain topics.

The learning material and solutions will be made available in this Github repository for each session.


  1. Some familiarity with Python
  2. Basics of Probability and Statistics
  3. Basics of Calculus
  4. Basics of Linear Algebra

Here is an optional quiz to brush up your Python skills before the workshop.

Please download and install Anaconda with Python 3.8 version on your laptop ahead of the workshop.

Topics to be covered:

1. Data Manipulation using pandas (Thursday, Oct 20th, 2022)

2. More on pandas and Logistic regression (Tuesday, Oct 25th, 2022)

3. Natural language processing (NLP) concepts (Thursday, Oct 27th, 2022)

4. A Gentle Introduction to Neural Networks (Tuesday, Nov 1st, 2022)

5. Fine-tuning Neural Networks (Thursday, Nov 3rd, 2022)

6. Convolution Neural Networks (Tuesday, Nov 8th, 2022)

7. Recurrent Neural Networks and Transformer models (Thursday, Nov 10th, 2022)

This page will be updated frequently with more information.